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Asset Management


Our in-house team of dedicated portfolio managers provide asset management services with a conservative, balanced and proactive approach to maximize your returns while giving you a personalized level of service.


Portfolio Management Solutions

  • Portfolios may be uniquely designed for each individual.

  • Portfolio designs include a well-diversified investment selection.

  • Designs include a variety of investments of differing types, sectors, classes and styles.

  • Investment selections, offered through ACIB Capital Management are reviewed by our Portfolio Management Team using fundamental analysis.

  • The ACIB Capital Management portfolio team will monitor investments and recommend changes when necessary.


Custodian and Investment Statements

Portfolio assets will be held by a designated custodian, which may include the following:

  • Pershing

  • Charles Schwab & Co, Inc.

  • The custodian will send detailed account statements at least quarterly.



We can prepare a Report quarterly, semi-annually or annually as desired by the client.  The report may contain current portfolio valuations:

  • Listing of all investments owned by the client within a portfolio

  • Realized Gains and Losses

  • Investment Analysis

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